Dashiel Neimark

Dashiel Neimark

Dashiel Neimark - UX Architect


Hey there. My name is Dash and I am a UX Designer.

I create harmony between businessproductand people.

Well, actually, my name isn’t Dash. It’s Dashiel – but after gathering a life-long dataset of user feedback from an A/B test via the “introduce myself” task scenario, I’ve gained the summative insight that, in terms of satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency (particularly the latter), it was necessary that Dashiel iterated into Dash.

Although I might sometimes refer to myself as a tennis burnout, table tennis coach for the Chicago Bulls, or aspiring entrepreneur always talking about a potential startup idea, more often than not I identify as a User Experience Designer, deeply analyzing the world around me and designing solutions to problems that I uncover.

I believe that curiosity is the most productive feeling one can have – and it is that philosophy that allows me to be perpetually fascinated with analyzing human behavior and creating experiences that demonstrate a deeper understanding of people.

Taking the world as is, at face-value, is a form of acceptance that I choose to pass on. My natural inclination is to always seek to learn more and better understand how and why things work. The journey of reaching that fleeting moment of understanding (truth isn’t static) is something that I quite enjoy and designing solutions that reflect new insights is something I love.

I design usable, enjoyable digital experiences driven by the needs and desires of internal & external stakeholders. I draw upon experience in startups, freelancing, and consulting, as well as the wealth of user experience knowledge I have gained throughout my M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction (and M.S. in IDS) journey. From concept to launch, I implement the appropriate UX tools & methodologies for the situation at hand and am continually excited by future opportunities to play a part in delivering innovative digital solutions to real human pain-points.










From personas, journey maps, pain point analysis’, and process flows, to wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes, I love to create usable, enjoyable, and engaging experiences that drive the goals of internal stakeholders while satisfying the desires of the user simultaneously. Interaction design stems from a balance between feasibility, company goals, and user desires.


The disparity between a user’s mental model of the way the world works and the way it actually works can make or break an interaction. I believe that a user-centered design (UCD) process is key in ensuring your customer’s mental model is in accord with your system architecture. From content inventories to card sorts, treejacks, and site maps, understanding the way that users expect your content hierarchy to be displayed leads to faster, more intuitive exploration. 


Effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. These are the key points of analysis for usability tests & reports, both formative and summative – the building blocks of a usable, enjoyable interaction. I kickoff the usability engineering process through heuristics evaluations, cognitive walkthroughs, and expert evaluations, quickly moving towards directly involving users.


Your content needs to be seven things: valuable, useful, usable, desirable, accessible, findable, and credible. Through a proper understanding of business objectives, target user desires, and structural limitations or advantages based on the IA of your particular interface, the right content strategy can deter an early user exit and spark a genuine interest in your product.


During the visioning process, we will discuss how to define success and how we will know when we have reached it. UX research will let us know where we currently stand, how close we are to reaching success, and what needs to be done to close the gap. By defining key metrics to test and measure, we can take the next steps towards better interactions through both quantitative and qualitative guidance.


Lions and tigers and heatmaps, oh my! Informed design should receive influence not only from UX tools & methodologies, but from good ol’ data analysis as well; the two disciplines are synergistic. Google Analytics? CrazyEgg? Mixpanel? My daily read. Together we can create segmentations and analyze process flows while doing the “bounce rate” dance to keep users exploring.



Protected: 72andSunny

Protected: 72andSunny

A blue-sky start-up-esque web and mobile project that we did for a global marketing, advertising and design company (72andSunny) that connects creative influencers with opportunities to collaborate with brands and other creators on positive-impact projects.

Protected: iVoluntutor

Protected: iVoluntutor

A UX engagement for a web application startup that connects volunteer tutors with students in need.

Protected: Health New England

Protected: Health New England

A web and mobile project for Health New England, researching, designing, and developing their Broker & Employer platform, facilitating $500m-1b in annual sales.

Protected: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Protected: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Protected: In the Scene

Protected: In the Scene

A pro bono UX engagement for the City of Chicago's Chicago Film Office (a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events).

Protected: iPromise

Protected: iPromise

A mobile app that leverages the combined power of social reputation and internet transparency to help people keep their promises.

Protected: US Foods

Protected: US Foods

US Foods needed a better way to analyze and manage resources, create and track initiatives, and strategically leverage data to improve business processes. As part of a Slalom team, I performed the UX work (both research and design) to understand user needs and design a solution.

Protected: Comparative UX Research: ComEd

Protected: Comparative UX Research: ComEd

Comparative UX Research that I did for ComEd, helping internal stakeholders better understand their users by analyzing the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of their user interface for their billing system.

Protected: Formative UX Research: Feeding America

Protected: Formative UX Research: Feeding America

A formative UX discovery research project for Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization. They were looking to gain more insight into potential areas in which a technological solution could be crafted to improve the issue of food access - both for organizations trying improve food access, and for low-income communities struggling with food access.

Protected: Summative UX Research: Duolingo

Protected: Summative UX Research: Duolingo

Here's a summative UX Research engagement I did for the #1 language learning SaaS product: Duolingo.

Protected: General Usability Evaluation: Microsoft HealthVault

Protected: General Usability Evaluation: Microsoft HealthVault

An example of a general usability evaluation, classifying the high, medium, and low priority action items to improve the user experience of Microsoft's HealthVault application.

Protected: Heuristics Principle Evaluation: Pixable

Protected: Heuristics Principle Evaluation: Pixable

When I first started working at Pixable as a UX Designer, I knocked out the low-hanging fruit by identifying room for improvement without yet involving users - a great way to do this is with a heuristic principle evaluation.

Protected: Kynnect

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Protected: Kynnect

Social barriers deter us from discovering and pursuing potential social interactions. The concept of a true “public” atmosphere does not exist anymore - we live in an increasingly closed off, private-public. My good friend Cam and I, both UXers with a passion for philosophy, had talked about this phenomenon many-a-time, wishing for a solution. Kynnect is that solution. Cam worked on the web platform while I focused on mobile and wearables. As we are both full-time UX magicians, we haven't had time to see this project through unfortunately, but it's an idea we hope changes the world one day - by our hands or not.

Protected: USATT Wireframes

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Protected: USATT Wireframes

Wireframes that I created as a new concept design for the United States' national organization for table tennis (USATT).


Dashiel Charles Neimark

Dashiel Charles Neimark



Chicago, IL





Information Design & Strategy

Northwestern University     2015-2018    3.925

As digital output increasingly becomes the backbone of most business strategy, there is an acute need for professionals with a better big-picture understanding of information management, design and technology. The Northwestern University Master of Science in Information Design and Strategy (IDS) program enhances UX professionals’ ability to translate information and data into meaningful visual forms, narratives and interfaces.


Human-Computer Interaction

DePaul University     2013-2015    3.883

The Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction prepares students to ideate, design, implement, and evaluate computer-based technologies so they are useful and usable for end users. This interdisciplinary degree integrates concepts and methods from computer science, graphic design and the social sciences. Drawing upon these concepts and methods, students learn user-centered and participatory design approaches as they create information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as dynamic web sites, mobile apps and desktop applications. Particular emphasis is given to ICT evaluation, exploratory user research, information architecture, interaction design and prototype development.


English + Political Science (double major)

University of Florida    2008-2012    3.94

General courses include: Business Law I, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Microcomputer Applications, Statistics, Oral Communications, International Relations, and 12 other upper-division courses.

Core courses in English include: Professional Writing, Advanced Argumentative Writing, Advanced Exposition, and 11 other upper division English courses.

Core courses in Political Science include: Analyzing Public Policy, Public Administration, International Security, and 7 other upper division Political Science courses.



Nielsen Norman Group

UX Certification – License: 1023845


Interaction Design Foundation

How to Design for Augmented and Virtual Reality – License: 35416



Design Thinking Bootcamp (Ideation & Prototyping) – License: 3104-1553124



Design Thinking Bootcamp (Research and Synthesis) – License: 2771-1553124



UX Consultant

SLALOM CONSULTING    June 2015 – Present

Slalom helps companies solve business problems and build for the future, with solutions spanning business advisory, customer experience, technology, and analytics. We have 5500+ consultants in 25 markets across the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

I currently work as a UX Designer in the Experience Design (XD) group at Slalom. I deliver UX solutions to a wide range of clients, from startups to industry leaders.  Whether the project is mobile, web, or even a non-digital experience, I use my eclectic set of skills to solve complex problems and deliver better experiences for businesses and their users.

Throughout my time at Slalom, I’ve done user experience design, research, and strategy within agile scrum teams for many major web & mobile projects. These include:


  • UX Designer – Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue Access for Members (BAM) portal
  • Lead UX Designer – Allstate Intellisight – business intelligence application for HR & business analysis
  • Senior UX Designer – 72andSunny’s platform for connecting creative influencers with brand opportunities
  • Lead UX Designer – US Foods’ resource management tools
  • UX Designer – Kraft Heinz’s internal performance review and employee management application
  • Lead UX Designer – Sears PartsDirect, the leading eCommerce site for replacement parts
  • Lead UX Designer – Hyatt’s corporate travel program for employee discounts, trip planning and company expense management
  • UX Designer – Health New England’s Broker & Employer management system
  • UX Designer – (Jim Beam) Beam Suntory’s internal sales management and product education system
  • Lead UX Designer – AJG’s internal accounting and sales software
  • Lead UX Designer – Shire’s New Employee Onboarding portal and learning management system
  • UX Designer – Walgreens’ new prescription delivery/support application (allianceRxwp.com)


Slalom is one of Fortune’s 2018 100 Best Companies to Work For (3 years in a row) and was also named in Glassdoor’s 2018 Best Places to Work (4 years in a row).


UX Designer

Pixable    May 2014 – Dec 2014

Performed both UX design and research roles for Pixable, a social news startup. Worked in an agile scrum team on the Pixable web platform and native iOS / Android applications during an 8-month contract. Tackled general experience concerns as well as specific concerns such as pivoting towards a feature set that allowed Pixable to thrive without dependence on Facebook permissions (as Facebook was making a major permission standards change).

Throughout discovery and validation phases, I engaged in UX research efforts involving direct observations, remote usability testing, competitive analyses, diary studies, surveys and interviews. Worked with internal stakeholders (developers, designers, project managers, and the CTO) to analyze findings and develop a Pixable 3.0 design plan.

On the UX design side, I iteratively refined and evolved these plans through wireframing and prototyping based on findings and post-research brainstorming meetings. Throughout the journey, I utilized various UX tools as needed to share and reflect on user insights: affinity diagrams, personas, user process flows, mental model infographics, feature-use analyses, heuristics evaluations, general usability evaluations and more, all in light of company goals, user desires, branding strategies, and design patterns used by competitors in the product space.


UX Designer

Freelance / Contract     Dec 2013 – Aug 2016

Collaborated with clients on a contract basis, providing full-cycle UX solutions. Projects include a quantitative and qualitative usability analysis and information architecture overhaul for the world’s #1 language learning SaaS company: Duolingo, a major reworking of the interaction design for WEPA’s cloud printing kiosk and a redesign of their marketing site, a usability analysis, A/B test, and redesign of ComEd’s utility billing interface, and many more projects.


UX Designer

ZTE USA     Aug 2013 – April 2014

Worked with a relatively small UX team to analyze and refine the custom Android experience for several mobile devices, as well as the experience of a hot spot. Strong focus on interaction design by rethinking process flows and information architecture, boosting quantitative measures for efficiency, as well as both quantitative and qualitative measures for effectiveness and satisfaction.

Making design choices based on user insights, I ran and analyzed formative and summative user research studies and delivered UX assets such as personas, journey maps, red routes, wireframes, prototypes, and mock-ups to visually communicate action.


UX Designer / Founder

Do N Review, LLC    Aug 2011 – Jun 2015

Became an entrepreneur-in-action from concept to first round funding and the development of anMVP. Led the UX side of the venture, from research to design. Recruited and worked with a development team to create the MVP to test market assumptions and continually iterated on the product from within a design thinking methodology.


UX Designer

Maupin House Publishing     May 2011 – Dec 2011

Interviewed and surveyed many customers and authors to uncover unknown desires and pain-points as well as validate some of the assumptions that led to existing design decisions. Prototyped a few alternatives and ran some usability tests to find areas for improvement to Maupin House’s marketing site.

Produced and managed web content via Magento for company products, Blogger for product-related articles, and Salesforce for newsletters and other customer retention assets. Played a major role in the editorial process from manuscript to publication for two educational books. Helped design, edit, and manufacture marketing materials. Developed and maintained a successful content strategy, both for internal promotion and for the promotion of our product line.




American Cancer Society    Jan 2009 – Jan 2010

Transported cancer patients to and from treatment under a one-year contract. Provided mental support to patients as instructed by the ACS guidelines.



UX DESIGN (over 9000)

UX RESEARCH (over 9000)


Sketch (100)

Figma (100)

Principle (100)

Framer.js (85)

Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign (90)

Axure / InVision / Balsamiq / UXPin / Omnigraffle / Marvel (100)


HTML5 (100)

CSS3 (90)

JavaScript / jQuery (85)

React / React Native / Redux (70)




Dash is an extremely talented and passionate UX professional. Having worked with Dash at Slalom Consulting for about 3 years now, I’ve been continually impressed by the way he applies his background in human-computer interaction to successfully deliver both UX design and UX research solutions to some of our biggest clients.

Above and beyond deliverables, Dash knows how to effectively integrate UX into various situations – from fast-paced Agile teams to lengthier discovery and validation projects. His ability to collaborate with developers, business analysts, PMs, and various other stakeholders is highly appreciated here at Slalom and we hope to have him as an asset for years to come.



Dash really brought his Design Thinking skills to Pixable, performing lots of different techniques to gain insight into the minds of users, while also coming up with excellent design solutions.



The amount of actionable change that came from Dash’s process was amazing and the benefit to the product was apparent. Perhaps most of all, Dash has a great sense of how to mold UX to fit an environment with shifting needs, budgets, and deadlines.


From discovery to validation, I’ve created sketches, wireframes and interactive prototypes, style guides, high-fidelity mockups, content audits, sitemaps, user flow diagrams, personas, journey and experience maps – assets driven by interviews, surveys, focus groups, remote usability testing, contextual inquiry, diary studies, competitive analyses, card sorts, A/B testing, and other appropriately chosen research methods. I choose the tools and methodologies that are effective based on time constraints, team structure, and the needs of the client, users, and product. A process driven individual, I follow a user-centered design / design thinking framework to iteratively work towards closing the gap between the mental model of the user and the digital experience.


Love my skillz and work experience so much you want to go all old school and save a copy to your hard drive? Go right ahead. It’s so small, you could fit it on a floppy disk. Pied Piper’s middle-out compression algorithm couldn’t even reduce this puppy.



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