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Vital Accessibility Design Principles

In the not too distant future, accessibility design will no longer be a nice-to-have in UX design job postings. It will be a standard requirement. An expectation. If you are a UX designer with only a cursory understanding of accessibility design techniques, you should improve on that as soon as possible. Soon, accessibility design principles…

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XR Design: Patterns for Interaction

In my previous two columns in this mini-series about extended reality (XR) design, I discussed some building blocks of XR, as well as some fundamentals to consider when designing an XR experience. Now that I’ve covered some of the broader aspects of this design space, I’d like to shift gears a bit and discuss some…

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XR Design: Imagination, Immersion, and Presence

Technology seems to evolve in ways that perpetuate the need to accommodate our imaginations. For the most part, this means enabling users to perform tasks and engage in experiences in ways that are not possible without technology. Whether that’s flying from Chicago to Seattle in under four hours instead of traveling for weeks on horseback,…

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Persuasive Product Companies and Empathy Reversal

“Good design patterns require a foundation of thorough user research, usability testing, and iterative design refinements. Fortunately, other companies—particularly early promoters of particular design patterns—have sometimes laid the groundwork for us. Depending on the perceived level of risk in implementing a new design pattern, it could be advantageous to simply sit back and see what…

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Craigslist’s Unconventional User Experience

Why does Craigslist, a Web site that looks like a tribute to the Web of the ’90s, remain popular in a world that increasingly values well-crafted, beautiful user experiences? My multifaceted answer to this question is that Craigslist leverages several concepts that aren’t generally factors in mainstream product design. These factors include relatable flaws, the…

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